Mary J. Malek, PhD

As a psychologist, writer, mentor, teacher, and speaker Mary has always had a passion for helping mj-jed-some-shadowpeople find clarity and truth on their journey through life.  She was raised with horses and learned early in life the transformative power in relating with horses.  The joining of her training as a psychologist and the power of horse dynamics is allowing Mary to bring passion to her commitment to helping individuals, families, and organizations learn new skills to better cope with life, transform relationships, achieve personal goals, and realize lifelong dreams. 


Her collaboration with Sue Thomas, founder of Leadership Equine Assisted Development (LEAD), has created a powerful environment of honesty, vitality, and encouragement in which people can create meaningful and lasting growth in their lives.  Their focus encompasses the critical personal and interpersonal choices and behaviors we all face when dealing with the pressures of daily life, including issues of leadership, parenting, boundaries, personal growth, and teamwork. 


In addition to leading equine-facilitated growth and learning workshops, Mary works in a private practice (Renew Psychological Services, Inc.) in Hudson, Ohio.  She is also Adjunct Instructor of Behavioral Sciences at the Northeast Ohio Universities College of Medicine and Pharmacy (NEOUCOM), specializing in helping medical students develop empathic bedside manner and manage the interpersonal aspect of medicine more “humanly”. 


Mary has been instrumental in the development of a mentoring program for newly licensed psychologists in the state of Ohio. Her love of both people and animals has spurred her interest in mentoring young women through a national organization that supports people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  She was a forerunner of animal therapy, having conducted some of the earliest research on the effectiveness of using handicapped support dogs.


Mary is deeply committed to helping create a deeper sense of community at a local level.  She volunteers as a 4-H advisor and a member of the Portage County steering committee to address poverty.  She is also a graduate of Leadership Portage County (class of ’08).


Mary holds a BA degree from The Ohio State University, an MA degree and PhD in clinical health psychology from Kent State University.  She is a member of the Ohio Psychological Association and the American Association of Christian Counselors. 


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