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Leadership Development ties in South Africa

August 15, 2010

I remember a woman contacting me via email in search of a mentor to understand the work I do with horses.  At that time Yolanda was living in Daubi.  She was a Human Resource Manager for a large credit card company and traveled the world on business.  Shortly after our email exchanges we spoke on Skype and we became friends with a unique bond miles away from one another.  She moved to Singapore and eventually home to South Africa.

Yolanda and I continue our relationship from a distance but the inflence of mentoring has proven to support and enhance her dream of establishing her own busienss using the power of horses. (more…)


Life happens…

June 30, 2009

Its summer time which means lots of exciting things to do and family gatherings.  For us, we started the summer off with bringing our grandson’s to visit from Florida. 

While we had a wonder-filled time with the kids, it started out a little rough.  Driving the boys back from Florida to Ohio was amazingly simple.  Portable DVD players are amazing.  They watched 7 movies on the way to our place and were wonderfully well behaved sitting in the car for 13 1/2 hours one day and 9 the next. (more…)