Resolutions don’t work – balance needed does!

Did you make some New Year’s resolutions for 2011? How’s that working for you?

When I make resolutions they are usually broken by the 2nd of January. Instead of making resolutions, I’m checking the tires on my car. My life tires that is!

You won’t get very far if your car tires are damaged, worn, or flat no matter how much time you have spent mapping out the route. The same is true in life. Checking the tires first lets you set a course for a smoother more enjoyable ride.

I check my tires by taking an assessment of the main areas of my life. It provides a clearer understanding and an acknowledgement of what’s working and not working. I chunk my life into 5 areas: Career, Self, Family/Friends, Community, Spiritual. Use what works for you.

Next I look at each area through another filter system and create a picture of how my tires look. The picture comes to life by placing a satisfaction score of 1 – 10 (10 being most satisfied and on the outer edge of the tire versus 1 being not satisfied located at the center of the tire). Place a mark on the wheel for each area using these filters:

1. Time spent (how much time do you spend, are you satisfied with that amount)
2. Overall satisfaction (happy, content, or is something missing)
3. Benefits received (this can be anything you perceive as a benefit)
4. Energy (how much energy is expended this area)

Don’t over analyze your response, go with your first reaction and make a mark on the wheel for each area in your life using the four filters above and connect the dots.

Below is my personal assessment. If I put that tire on my car how far could I go? How fast?

It sounds like a simple process but it is one that is often overlooked. Many people speak about not having time and energy for things they want to do. What I’ve observed is most people jump in the car, start the engine and head out the driveway without checking the tires, filling up the gas tank, gathering resources for the trip (money, cloths, support, emergency equipment, etc.) and mapping out the route to ensure they enjoy a smooth ride without missing the scenery along the road.

Looking at my wheel I know what areas have not been satisfying, which have been, and it’s time to make adjustments, add some air to the tires and round out my 2011 goals for a smoother more enjoyable ride.

Have you check your tires lately?


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