Old friends out last their usefulness

It’s winter time in NE Ohio!  We got pummeled with 30″ of snow last week, followed by rain on Saturday only to have it dump 18″ on us since Monday and its still coming down!  

Winter is a great time to review your goals, enjoy your accomplishments of the year, set some new goals and ponder what you’d like to do differently in the New Year.  It’s also a great time to reflect on what is important, notice what you’ve released, and rejoice in how far you’ve come!

I opened a gift yesterday!  One that sat on my bookshelf for several years all wrapped in beautiful paper with a big bow on top!  The first year it peered at me and I thought about it a lot.  I wanted to unwrap it and dig out the gift, but I held back and allowed it to sit quietly on the shelf.  The following years it became a faint memory, and I’d notice the beautifully wrapped package on the shelf every once in a while but had no desire to open it.

Last week the package called to me like a distant friend I’d not heard from in a long time.  I noticed it and said “it’s time to bring you down from your perch and open you up”.

Inside the beautiful package were individual pieces of paper holding a word or two that I had placed inside so many years ago:  
~ But
~ Could Have
~ If Only
~ Should Have
~ Fear
~ Would Have
~ Doubt

These were words I desired to eliminate from my mind and life.  My relationship with these old friends had held me back and I needed some distance from them.  They had left me wanting more, feeling less than, and at time turned my life upside down.  

I looked at each piece of paper and word, and remember how that old friend had served me in the past.  As I did, I thanked each one for being of service to me and told them good bye.  Our friendship no longer held meaning for me, I had out grown our relationship and it was time to part ways.  

What old friends are you still holding onto?  Are there some beliefs that no longer serve you well?  Do certain words, people, habits or ideals hold you back? 

Maybe it’s time to wrap them up in a beautiful package and place them on your shelf!  Give yourself the gift of freedom from them, keep them wrapped up and see how different your life can be.  When it’s time, you can unwrap your gift and see how you feel about those old friendships.      

Oh I still visit these old friends occasionally.  I have a little chat, and quickly say goodbye.  They have lost their impact and hold on my life.  And I’m enjoying the gift of letting them go.

What do you desire to let go of this year?


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