Leadership Development ties in South Africa

I remember a woman contacting me via email in search of a mentor to understand the work I do with horses.  At that time Yolanda was living in Daubi.  She was a Human Resource Manager for a large credit card company and traveled the world on business.  Shortly after our email exchanges we spoke on Skype and we became friends with a unique bond miles away from one another.  She moved to Singapore and eventually home to South Africa.

Yolanda and I continue our relationship from a distance but the inflence of mentoring has proven to support and enhance her dream of establishing her own busienss using the power of horses.

Yolanda writes:  “I have met Sue a couple of years ago, whilst looking for a mentor in one of the  Equine magazines.  Sue has responded positively to my e-mail request and was always willing to share stories/learning,recommend books to read and courses to attend. Our mentorship relationship developed quickly  into a virtual friendship,  and  we still  keep in touch regulary via e-mail.

The highlight of my friendship with Sue, was a visit to her farm in America. I was scheduled to attend a  conference in Miami and also a  wonderful opportuntiy to meet Sue and her family on her farm. The session , I had with Sue and her horses, was life transforming and still today, I remember  and treasure the lessons learnt from those  amazing animals.”

My friendship with Sue has taught me that “virtual friends” are real, and that they can be just as supportive as  friends that  live with you in the same country.”

Yolanda has been stirring things up with her own business in South Africa doing Leadership programs with horses at the university and at her own barn.  Read an article about her published in in South African newspaper The Herald Leadership course makes horse sense.

It’s amazing to witness the reaches of my friendship with Yolanda and how she is changing the world with the power of horses.  While it feels like yesterday when Yoland visited me in Ohio, it has been more than 6 years.


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