LEAD in Istanbul – teambuilding and leadership

More than 3 years ago, I had the honor of attending an International Coach Training Program and became friends with a talented woman, Gila Seritcioglu. We set an intention to present L-E-A-D workshops in her country, Turkey.

That intention, vision and dream became a reality. At the beginning of the month I presented Unharness Your Leader-Self, Leading and Living Your Vision, and Boundaries LEAD workshops in Istanbul, Turkey.   

       Gila, Lupen and Sue in Istanbul, Turkey

It was a fantastic experience and (I believe) some of the best work I have done.  Gila and her colleagues at Increa Creative Coaching and Consulting did a lot of planning and preperation for the workshops. Which left me to prepare the handouts, book my flight, show up and do the work I love!  What could be more wonderful? 

Gocmen Ranch provided a beautiful setting outside of the bustling city life (estimated population 12 – 15 million, more people than New York City) in Istanbul. The staff were gracious and helpful, the horses fun & happy to be with us, and the food was wonderful. 

Now if the weather would just cooperate it would be perfect! 

Driving to the ranch to meet and work with the horses and do final preperations, it rained and the forecast was for rain during my whole time I would be there.  Upon arrival at the ranch, it quit raining!  One the last day of working with the horses, after everyone had left and the cars were packed up, it started raining again! I felt truly blessed.

Most people have asked about the differences in culture, leadership challenges, communication, team work etc.  I  plan to write more on that later.  But  to answer the BIGGEST question people ask me… “no” I did not fly my horses to Istanbul. 

Horses speak a universal language, one without words which makes working with horses from any city, county, state or country easy once you understand horse  language.

After completing the last workshop, I sat on my patio in Istanbul overlooking the Bospherous river and was filled with gratitude, joy and blessings for having the opportunity to work with the wonderful people and my dear friend Gila. I was amazed at all that transpired and thinking of how OUR dream became a reality, when fireworks started going off over the river. It was a wonderful affirmation of the work we did, and reinforced a heartfelt knowing that I would return to continue working with the leaders, teams and individuals of Turkey to foster growth and development. 

What a blessing! 

What dreams, intentions and visions do you hold for your life?  Are you moving making forward in making them reality?  If not, what’s holding you back?  If you are… YEAH!!!  Keep moving forward and live life to it’s fullest.


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