Paying it forward with Gratitude

I wonder how many people took to heart my November message about Gratitude?  When you put something out to the universe rarely do you really know how it perceived, its impact anyone or if anyone actually read what you wrote!  On a rare occasion, someone might actually tells you of your impact and how it effected their life.

My rare occasion occurred when I visited my eye doctor.  He was so excited to tell me how he took my message of gratitude to heart and challenged not only his children but his church as well.  

Scott shared the message during church service and offered the challenge to the congregation.  Amazing in itself!  The truly beautiful part was in sharing and asking his children to write a gratitude list which was to include people they are grateful to have in their lives. 

Upon completion of their lists, as a family they sat together and shared what was on each of their lists.  What a great quality family activity.  His children had people on their list.  So Scott pushed the envelop and challenged his children further. 

With a family Thanksgiving gathering happening the next day, and Christmas holiday around the corner, Scott asked his children to tell those people on their list how they have blessed their life, or why they are grateful for them being in their life.

What Scott and his family found, it is easy to write the list but actually speaking the words of gratitude is difficult. 

Our techno world of email and texting, has taken over our lives and actually speaking words to another person has become challenging, difficult, and at times it feels extinct.  We are losing the ability to express ourselves face-to-face with people.  Imagine the challenges we face if we lose our ability to communicate verbally?  With non-verbal communication making up 80% of the communication process and words only 20%, in our techno rush today we are actually loosing 80% of what we could express face-to-face.

Scott and his family shared their gratitude in words, face-to-face with people they care about.  What a beautiful gift, not only to those receiving the message but to his children in learning how to speak difficult words to those they care about and love.  I’m sure the people on the receiving end of the message experienced joy and delight at hearing of their impact on the lives of these children.

How did you pay it forward with gratitude?  Sounds easy, right?  Give it a try.  See how you feel when you acknowledge the people in your life.  Notice how they respond.  And keep the ripple of gratitude alive and moving in all you do in  life!

With gratitude to you for sharing the ride with me, embracing your personal journey, and creating a world of delight and happiness!


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