Healing power of horses

Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped 18 years ago, she suffered tremendous abuse at the hands of her abductors , and is using the power of horses to heal.

Those of us who introduce horses to people through Equine Assisted Learning, Coaching, Leadership, workshops or Therapy know the changes and empowerment people experience in the presence of these magnificent animals.

We know that life is complex and dynamic, and there are times when we have felt stuck.  When we know we are not making the strides forward we want, desire or need and to live up to the potential we know we have. Those are the times when we need a little horse power!

When people bring their life challenges to us and the horses they experience something new and different by watching the movement of the horse, and interacting with them in the moment. The experience opens people to gain a new awareness of themselves (how they relate, communicate, focus, believe in, think, feel, express, behave, decide, etc) which allows them to create a change and/or healing in their life.  Sounds simple. Many times it is, but there are experiences that unfortunately happen to people or behaviors they repeat  many times that take longer to  heal from, and lots of experimenting with  new ways to make them part of our daily life.  Such is the experience of a young woman and her daughters.

Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped 18 years ago, she suffered tremendous abuse at the hands of  her abductors, and is using the power of horses to learn new ways of being and to heal herself and her daughters.People Magazine brought us the first news and a little glimpse into her world and Kate Latimer of the Albuquerque Mental Health Examiner published Jaycee Dugard and Family heal with horse therapy.  Jaycee & her daughters are surrounded by caring people, and the most healing animal on earth.  Still they have a difficult journey ahead of them.

It will be a long time before we learn the extend of Jaycee’s challenges after her tragic experience, and the effects working with the horses has on her life.  Having witnessed a horse heal many people and offer change & hope, I know in my heart that all three of these women will find more healing by walking the path and sharing their experience with the horse.


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