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Horse friend talks about Horse Slaughter

September 14, 2009

Back about 4 years ago I had a young lady who, at the time was 11 years old, that loved horses and would do anything to be around them.  Kelly spent a lot of time with me, doing chores in the barn and around the farm just to spend time with the horses.  She did some of the dirtiest jobs with a smile!  Kelly soon learned about the work I do with humans and horses.  She used her knowledge to write a paper for school.  I recently came across this paper and wanted to share her story with you. (more…)


What's holding you back?

September 1, 2009

I’ve heard many times from friends, family and clients that they wish they could change.  My response to all of them is “What’s holding you back?”  Well, when I’m talking with friends and family I try not to put on my “coaching hat,” but with clients that’s what they want from me.  To push them into thinking differently and explore what is holding them back from changing, getting more out of their lives, sorting out their dreams and goals, pushing them into developing an action plan, supporting behavioral changes, and being with them as they move their goals into reality. (more…)