Life happens…

Its summer time which means lots of exciting things to do and family gatherings.  For us, we started the summer off with bringing our grandson’s to visit from Florida. 

While we had a wonder-filled time with the kids, it started out a little rough.  Driving the boys back from Florida to Ohio was amazingly simple.  Portable DVD players are amazing.  They watched 7 movies on the way to our place and were wonderfully well behaved sitting in the car for 13 1/2 hours one day and 9 the next.

We shared the grandkids with their other grandparents in Ohio and their Aunts & Uncles.  Their itinerary looked like that of a seasoned salesman, running from client to client.   It became obvious that we hadn’t done enough to set aside more time for ourselves with the kids.  Since the schedule was set we weren’t about to change it now.

When the boys returned to the farm after a few visits, the youngest woke with a painful earache.  An unscheduled trip to the Med Center really cut into our fun time!  And of course being the multitaskers that my husband and I are, we packed too much work into the time we did have with the boys.  And ya know… NE Ohio weather never seems to cooperate when you’d like it to the most.

With all that said, we totally enjoyed our time with our little guys!  What a great time for two young boys to play outside on the farm.  We did a family picnic complete with hay ride, rode our 4-wheeler which they loved, played with the barn cats, and squirted the dogs with the hose squealing with delight and getting more water on them than the dogs.  A bone fire to roast marshmallows was all the youngest wanted, so after cutting roasting sticks, building the fire in 90 degree weather, he got to roast his 2 marshmallows which is all he wanted.  Running through the grass catching lightening bugs was also a delight.  Brushing, saddling and putting them on the horse to ride… the huge smiles on their little faces… priceless!    

The drive back to Florida was highlighted with rides on the luggage cart, endless chatter at dinner and a laughter filled games of rock, paper, scissors.  And what could fill a grandparent’s heart more than a little one grabbing your arm, smiling up at you and saying “Nana, I’m going to miss you when you fly home!”  Melted my heart!

My lesson in all of our time with the boys has been that life happens… what we do with it, our approach and attitude can diminish our precious little time with our grandson’s or it came embrace the situation and make it the best summer farm vacation possible!


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