Feminine healing continues…

As I continue my journey to heal the wounded feminine side of myself, my rattle making took on new meaning. 

In working with my feminine rattle head, the stitching done first was loose and incomplete.  I needed to make the stitching closer together in order to hold the items that would make the beautiful sound of the rattle. 

I stitched the buffalo hide 3 times, the first two were to heal the woundedness of past losses of my feminine side and the third for my current loving relationship to hold it together and bind the head together for the future.

Next came the cutting and stitching of the masculine rattle head made from deer hide.  It was much easier and the process quicker.

When the heads were complete I stuffed them with sand.  The masculine head was first, and was difficult to fill it.  The belly of the bear head rattle burst open and sand seeped out.  Oh how fitting for my life!  When I was fully in my masculine side I stuffed myself.  I stuffed myself full of food, drink, knowledge, education, work & no play, and a million other things.  The revelation made me giggle at the knowing how true it was for me. And I quickly stitched his belly tightly.

With both rattle heads set in the sun to dry I turned my attention to the deer hooves that would hold the rattle heads.  The masculine leg had not completely dried and was rotting, smelling and some of the fur was falling away, just like the loosening and letting go of the fully masculine part of my being. 

The rattle heads now were to dry in the sun.  The next phase would be to fill the heads with crystals, beads, shells and other items that will produce the sound, attach the heads to the deer hooves, and adorn them with feathers, horse hair, and other items.

In the mean time, I continue to ask for guidance on how to birth my rattles, and what needs done to integrate the balance of feminine and masculine energy into my life.  What messages will I receive for my integration ceremony?  How will I carry this balancing of energy into my life? 

More change will take place and time will pass before the answers are clear and revealed.  Visit the bog over the next month to learn how my journey unfolds.

Till next time…. May blessings be bestowed upon you as you walk your journey, finding your balance in your life!


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