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Life happens…

June 30, 2009

Its summer time which means lots of exciting things to do and family gatherings.  For us, we started the summer off with bringing our grandson’s to visit from Florida. 

While we had a wonder-filled time with the kids, it started out a little rough.  Driving the boys back from Florida to Ohio was amazingly simple.  Portable DVD players are amazing.  They watched 7 movies on the way to our place and were wonderfully well behaved sitting in the car for 13 1/2 hours one day and 9 the next. (more…)


Feminine healing continues…

June 16, 2009

As I continue my journey to heal the wounded feminine side of myself, my rattle making took on new meaning. 

In working with my feminine rattle head, the stitching done first was loose and incomplete.  I needed to make the stitching closer together in order to hold the items that would make the beautiful sound of the rattle.  (more…)

My journey to Feminine healing…

June 9, 2009

In my May 19th posting “Re-Claiming my Feminine side” I talked about my journey in discovering that through a divorce years ago I had pushed my feminine side deeper within to a near non-existent state.  At that time I felt that I had reclaimed a part of me that had been on a long vacation and it did feel that way on that day. (more…)