A Journey to Finding the Joy in Life

Books bring new insights, and at times stir something deep within us.  That is my reaction to “The Shack” by Wm. Paul Young.  The story is filled with sorrow and pain, disbelief, wonderment, beauty, joy and happiness of one mans life.

As I flipped through the pages of this intriguing book I found it difficult to put down.  Desiring to know the story portrayed in the book, wondering if it truly is as presented “fiction” yet feeling a deeper sense of knowing it mostly to be true. 

The depth of this family’s pain in loosing a child, taken by a serial killer and lost to them forever, tore at my heart.  The anger, bitterness and sorrow that filled their souls was nearly unbearable to read.  Each page awakened a deeper knowing inside of me.  A knowing that I’ve experienced and rarely speak of, for fear some would find me crazy.

I laughed a the thought of being crazy… many times I’ve felt a little off, out of sorts, wondering if what I’ve heard, seen, experienced and felt were the rambling in my own mind or that of something greater than me.  Messages received from a higher power, a knowing and loving being. 

“The Shack” was a gift from a coaching client, a friend that has come into my life and opened me up to more of the beauty that surrounds my daily life.  She has given me the gift of planting seeds, tending to their needs, nurturing them and watching them sprout into a magnificent array of colors, smells and beauty.

That is how I felt when I finished reading the book.  Gifted, renewed, and a wonderment of my experiences.  A deeper knowing that my experiences were real not made up in my mind but rather gifts of truth.  The messages and experiences have been of growth and renewal from above.  Nurturing my creative side and opening me up to parts that I shut down years ago… I wrote about some of that in the posting “Weeding My Emotional Garden” and “Re-claiming My Feminine Side”. 

I won’t ruin the experience for you by telling you the story of “The Shack”.  Suffice it to say it’s of tragedy, sorrow, pain, forgiveness, endings, new beginning, strengthening of relationships, joy and happiness of one man and one family’s life.

It is a story, which I’m sure has created controversy and stirred many people’s lives.  The controversy would be from those deeply rooted in their own belief system.  Those unable to read the beauty of the book for what it has to offer.  I also imagine there are many like me that read it with interest, found a piece of them locked in the story, and come out the other side with a deeper sense of peace and love in their hearts. 

For me, it was all about relationships… our relationship with ourselves, a higher power, and everyone that comes into our lives.  And how we choose to embrace or push those relationships aside because of some unsubstantiated belief or story we’ve told ourselves in our mind. 

So… choose to read it or not, suffice it to say that relationships are everything.  They are what makes the world a better place or an unhappy place to live.  We have a choice to be in a loving relationship with ourselves and those around us, or not.  The choice is always “yours”.  Which will you choose?

If you’d like to know more go to www.theshackbook.com or pick it up at your local books store, I know Target has it because I just bought it for my Mother-in-law yesterday for her birthday.  Happy reading!


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