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Power of Thought

September 26, 2008

“It is a pity that people should let themselves be defeated by the problems, cares, and difficulties of human existence, and it is also quite unnecessary. I certainly do not ignore or minimize the hardships and tragedies of the world, but neither do I allow them to dominate. (more…)


Managers Reward Employees

September 23, 2008

How do you reward your people for doing a good job? Most would say money, right?
Yes, people want to make a good living and be well paid for the job they do. That’s a given. Organizations need to stay consistent with the industry standards or they won’t be able to attract or retain good people. But money is only part of the equation! (more…)

Managers Hire the Right People

September 18, 2008

Many companies long to learn the secret to success. While business has many critical aspects – from vision to strategic planning to customer service – the one that is often given the least attention, yet can be the most costly, is people. (more…)

Manager give employees tools

September 15, 2008

What tools do your people need to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently? Many managers tell me their employees have everything they need. But when I interview those employees or conduct a survey asking their opinions, their managers are surprised by the responses. (more…)

Managers Decrease Turnover

September 10, 2008

Many companies have a formal performance review process, but it’s amazing how few of them actually conduct reviews or give informal feedback to their people. In fact, conducting performance reviews is probably the most disliked part of a manager’s job. However, giving positive, constructive feedback is one of the best ways to grow a company! (more…)

Companies grow greatest assest – people

September 5, 2008

Grow your organization through your greatest asset – your people. Companies do not grow; companies are not entities that can grow by themselves. A company can improve productivity, gain new customers, capture new markets, acquire new technology, increase efficiencies, develop creative approaches, increase profitability, etc., but only through one prime ingredient – it’s people! (more…)