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Renewal is possible!

February 18, 2008

We are bombarded with over 5000 marketing ads, 100 e-mail, countless snail mail messages, phone calls, text messages, and who knows how many communicated messages vying for our attention each day. We juggle work, family, and community commitments and try to carve out a little time for ourselves. With so much happening in the world, and our own lives, is it possible to find peace within ourselves and feel renewed? (more…)


Self Renewal – A Farce

February 3, 2008

My husband and I took the vacation of a life time!  We rented a sailboat and sailed the British Virgin Islands without best friends, there were the four of us, the captain and 1st mate.  6 of us on a 56′ Sailboat cruising the islands!  The water was crystal clear blue, breathtakingly beautiful corral reefs, sky totted with white puffy clouds, exhilarating dives & snorkeling with the vibrating brilliantly colored fish and sea turtles, and the sunsets were unpredictable.  At night the sky sparkled with stars that looked like diamonds glittering in the night.    It was like a dream come true! (more…)